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By using photos.bitzawolf.com you agree to comply by these terms and conditions.

Terms and Definitions

The Photographer, Anthony Pepe (also known as Bitzawolf), is the author of all photos on photos.bitzawolf.com

Photographs refers to all images, photos, photographs, etc.

Reproduction refers to any publication, copying (whole or part of), transformation, re-purposing, and generally using any photograph whether it is altered or not.

Qualifying Patrons refers to qualifying supporters of the photographer where qualifying means the supporter is paying some amount per month to the photographer. The details are available on the photographer’s Patreon site – https://www.patreon.com/bitzawolf.

Friend of the photographer refers to unique individuals who are given access to the site by the photographer directly.

Source access refers to the ability for users to download and view the original source photograph.

Copyright and Ownership

The Photographer is the sole author of all photographs and retains copyrights to any reproduction without substantial changes.

Title to all photographs remains property of the photographer.

Use and Reproduction

The license to use only comes into effect once the user has become a qualifying patron or is a friend of the photographer. No use may be made of the photographs until either of these conditions are met.

The photographer reserves the right to charge licensing fees if photographs have been used outside of these terms.

Source access and Reproduction rights expire as soon as the user is no longer a qualifying patron or is removed as a friend of the photographer. Any commercial use of photographs must cease.

Any commercial reproduction use of the photographs are permitted so long as the business or corporation both:

  • Transforms the photograph in some manner to sufficiently differentiate it from the original photograph.
  • Does not sell the original photograph.

Businesses and corporations engaing in commercial use of the photographs is permitted in these terms so long as the business or corporation has a gross profit of $50,000 per year or less.

Commercial reproduction outside of the terms listed just above may be available on a per-contract basis. Please contact The Photographer for more information.

Non-commercial reproduction is permitted only if the photographer is credited directly and obviously while preserving the terms of this agreement.

Liability and Indemnity

photos.bitzawolf.com and Anthony Pepe shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the user or by any third party use or reproduction of any photographs.

By using photos.bitzawolf.com the user agrees to indemnify Anthony Pepe in respect to any claims or damages or costs arising from the reproduction or use of the photographs.


photos.bitzawolf.com and The Photographer do not collect nor store any personal information except what is necessary to enable The Photographer to operate the site.

photos.bitzawolf is a handy place for artists and photo-friends alike to enjoy my photography!

All of the photo are available for viewing for free at a reasonable resolution, but high definiion (source) resolutions are available for purchase!

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